The Friday Connect


This is how you do an encouragement circle.  It is quite simple, yet powerful in it’s ability to empower people and help them realize they are loved.  I would recommend it for any topical study on encouragement that you do with your youth group, or bible study, or for an end of the year exercise with your care group. 

Get your group to sit in a circle with each person grabbing a sheet of paper.  Each person then puts their name on top of the sheet of paper and passes it to their neighbour on the left who writes words of encouragement then passes it on.  Each person writes words of encouragement on everyone else’s sheet of paper.  When you get your sheet back, your done. 


It is a powerful exercise in encouragement.  An exercise that I am thankful for inheriting from the previous youth pastor at my current church.  I took mine home and have read it over a few times.  It is very meaningful to me.  I am empowered and encouraged.

I am of the opinion that maybe we just don’t encourage enough.

How about you?  What communal rituals do you have that encourage?


Here are a couple gems in and around the internet this week. 

– My friends Jordan and Carlye Shaw had quite the experience as they were navigating the fine line between the empire of consumerism and want, and simplicity in following Jesus.  It came down to a VW, an Ipad 3 or Jesus.  It’s well written and hilarious. “Jesus vs. Empire – or, How I almost bought a car”

–  I was thankful for this post by David Warkentin this week.  Sometimes it feels as though faith can be so big that I lose it in the grind of the day to day… even as a pastor.  Sometimes the temptation is to ‘do’ this faith thing on Sunday’s.  David gives us helpful insight into “everyday faith.”

Have a good weekend!


  1. David Warkentin · June 15, 2012

    Thanks for the shout-out Chris! It was good to connect in person this week – always enhances this whole cyber-community thing…

    • chris lenshyn · June 15, 2012

      Ya, always great to connect in person! Let me know when you make your way out here again. Great post!

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