Beyond Mother’s and Father’s Day


It is tremendously important that we celebrate motherly and fatherly love.  Simply put, our world depends on such a transcendent, empowering, grace-filled kind of love.

When people are loved they are in tune with what it means to be human.  People were created to love, and be loved.  When this does not happen it causes a deep pain that echo’s in an empty ‘un’loved soul.  People lose touch with their own humanity.

To publicly celebrate mother’s and father’s on their own special, single, days without acknowledging the pain these special, single, days bring to many is missing the point of what it means to be agents of God’s love and reconciliation.

Let us celebrate the love of mother and father, be humbled by the responsibility and hold in tension the pain these days hold for many.  The childless, the parentless, those who have lost mother’s and/or father’s, and the list goes on and on…

It’s a call for the community of God, the body of Christ to love as God loves.  To nurture the motherless.  To love those who have been abused by father’s.  To be an incarnate presence of shalom in the midst of pain.  That kind of love is vital to our common humanity.  It serves as a reminder that we cannot only think and act on this one day of the year! 

What does it look like to celebrate mother’s and father’s and hold in tension the pain these special, single, days hold for many?  How can we do this all year long?  How were you affected this mother’s or father’s day?


  1. Amy · June 22, 2012

    These are great questions! One’s I’m trying to live out myself …

    • Amy · June 22, 2012

      With God’s help!! (goes without saying, but I know you don’t know me, so I do need to say it :))

      • chris lenshyn · June 22, 2012

        Lol. Nice to meet you Amy.

        Loved your mothers day post… Joanie, our mutual friend (I believe) past it on to me!

        Very important for churches to address. Not just around mothers/fathers day!!

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