Progressively Aware of a Mystery

Kallistos Ware


How a label changes everything

how a 'label' changes everything*photo collage by Sana Saeed

(This is where I found this picture on facebook)

Are the classic spiritual disciplines… wimpy?


This got me thinking…

Geez Magazine, “Where the Sidewalk Ends – A Spirituality of Apocalypse” by Ric Hudgens, page 38, Issue 36.

Two pics that got me thinking about white culpability

This, from The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King, page 129.  HT to Chris Barna for the sharing this on Facebook.


And this, whom the good folks over at By Their Strange Fruit posted on their Facebook stream.  The pictures were originally posted here.






These two are connected.  I am not completely sure I understand the depths by which these two pictures are connected, or the dynamic shalom activist faithfulness it is compelling me to, but I am working on it.  How would you articulate the depth?