Two pics that got me thinking about white culpability

This, from The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King, page 129.  HT to Chris Barna for the sharing this on Facebook.


And this, whom the good folks over at By Their Strange Fruit posted on their Facebook stream.  The pictures were originally posted here.






These two are connected.  I am not completely sure I understand the depths by which these two pictures are connected, or the dynamic shalom activist faithfulness it is compelling me to, but I am working on it.  How would you articulate the depth?


  1. Dale Friesen · December 17, 2014

    Who determines racial leadership, and how does that happen?

    I’m just trying to imagine if an Aboriginal person would say something about “white leadership,” I wouldn’t even know what that means

    • Chris Lenshyn · December 18, 2014

      The practicality of this is something I have a hard time wrapping my head around. Though, to start I think defaulting to the minority voice is essential.

  2. Karl Langelotz · December 18, 2014

    Thanks for sharing Chris. I just finished reading “An Inconvenient Indian” after reading “Buffalo Shout, Salmon Cry”. I feel a little numb – not sure what to do. I do like the sings on how white people can help. It seems like the best start is to recognize, regardless of our socio-economic situation, that we are privileged and can use that privilege to help those on the margins or reinforce the powers already in place. I started by voting for my Aboriginal candidates in our last civic election. Even though they didn’t win this time, hopefully that will encourage them to run again in the future.

    • Chris Lenshyn · December 18, 2014

      Great starting place Karl. Very cool bro. I think any way we can empower voices of the minority is the starting place… often it seem that means standing beside those voices in solidarity, and keeping our mouths shut.

  3. Karl Langelotz · December 18, 2014

    I meant “signs” not sings 🙂

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