MennoNerds Book Release – A Living Alternative

A Living Alternative

“The challenges and opportunities of post-Christendom will require us to draw on the rich resources of many Christian traditions. Anabaptism may be an alternative to the Catholic and Protestant version of Christianity that have been dominant for many centuries but are now struggling to adapt to a world they can no longer control. On many topics it offers a ‘third way’ that many are finding refreshing and provocative. But, as the essays in this book make clear, what is even more urgently needed are alternatives to the military-consumerist culture that dominates, dehumanises and destroys so many across the globe. We need to search out authentic ways of living alternatively as well as thinking alternatively. And we will need the insights and experiences of our brothers and sisters from many other traditions as we offer the best insights of our own, albeit for many of us adopted, Anabaptist tradition. My hope for this book is that it will enable all of us to continue the conversation as we journey on together.”
Stuart Murray, author of ‘The Naked Anabaptist’

This is a quote from the foreword to the recently released book, “A Living Alternative: Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World”, an amazing anthology that explores a diverse understanding of Anabaptism and what it has to offering the wider Body of Christ today.  I am both thrilled and humbled to be one of the contributing authors of this book, along with AO Green, Benjamin L. Corey, Brian Gumm, Chris Nickels, Christopher Gorton, Deborah-Ruth Ferber, Donald R. Clymer, Drew Hart, Hannah Heinzekehr, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, Joanna Harader, Justin Hiebert, Micael Grenholm, Robert Anthony Martin, Ryan Robinson, Sam Wilcock, Steve Kimes, Tyler M. Tully, and William Loewen.

The book is now available (and already hit top ten lists on Amazon), so order yours today.


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