An Artist’s Healing Journey

It was a privilege to meet Isadore Charters a few months ago and hear his story.  It is gut wrenching and saturated in the pain of a residential school experience but a pain navigated with humility, reconciliation, joy and brilliant ‘soul formed’ artistic expression.  This is his story.  Well worth the watch.  It’s 3 minutes long.  (HT to Brander McDonald).

What part of Isadore’s story struck you?  How do youexpress yourself when you are on a ‘healing journey’?


My son Asher, carving the “Healing Pole” Isadore brought to our church. The “Healing Pole” is a way to participate together in reconciliation activity for the atrocities of the Church/State run Residential School’s that were scattered throughout Canada.


  1. Ryan · May 23, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this, Chris.

    • Chris Lenshyn · May 23, 2013

      Hey! Totally saw you in a recent video from MCCan. on the TRC in Montreal! New calling to TV perhaps? 😉

      • Ryan · May 23, 2013

        Um, no. The evidence speaks for itself :).

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