Linking Our Sunday’s with our Monday–Saturday


I have been reading JR Woodward’s new book “Creating a Missional Culture: Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World” and will be dropping a collaborative review with Len Hjalmarson soon.  Here are some helpful words on what a thriving church looks like.  Interestingly it is a church that connects our Sunday’s with our Monday – Saturday.

A thriving environment helps the congregation to live our her calling in the world for the sake of the world.  People begin to link Sunday with Monday, and their work transforms from a job to a sacred vocation.  They learn to bring God’s power to bear on human need.  The banker or person in finance looks for a way to live out jubilee; judges help the court system move toward conflict resolution instead of ever increasing litigation.  Realtors try to house people according to their need instead of their greed.  Engineers and architects look to bring a sense of order and beauty to cities.  Artists seek to disturb, awaken and enlighten us in hopes that we might be more present to ourselves, our world and to the One who is behind all of creation.  People learn to live out their calling in their vocation in a way that blesses others and brings glory to God. – page 53/54

How do our churches and communities empower and equip us to walk as disciples beyond Sunday?  How do you want to be encouraged to “live out faith” every day of the week? 

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