The Friday Connect

Hi all,

Here are a few great links to check out from in and around the world wide web this week.

– “Honoring everyone contains the promise of possibility.”  Miroslav Volf is a brilliant mind.   Check out this link and be sure to watch the embedded video.  Honoring Everyone.

– The Avengers is the highest grossing movie of all time.  But there is one scene in the movie that was overlooked.  Jamie Arpin Ricci indentifies a topic that needs more cultural sensitivity.  It is definately worth checking out.  Not A Punchline.  What do you think?

– Geez Magazine based out of Winnipeg is one of my favorite Christian magazines.  This week I checked out a TED talk they recommended to me via their facebook page.  I have it embedded below.  You need to watch “Connected, but alone?” by Sherry Turkle.  What are the implications of technology and social media?  It’s about 20 minutes.

Have a good week!

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