Stairs Are Annoying & 4 Other Mini Rants

Here are 5 mini rants in no particular order.

1. Half marathon training is annoying.  Well, starting any new discipline is actually quite annoying.  Like yesterday whilst half marathon training I came across a massive staircase in my neighbourhood.  It was horrible running up those stairs, yet in the back of my mind I knew it was good for me in the long run.  It’s funny how knowing that is NOT HELPFUL AT ALL.  My legs still hurt and I had a massive cramp in my calf at 2:30am last night.  #oldfart

2. It’s discipleship, not volunteerism. Volunteerism is too self congratulatory.  It screams, “look I am giving up my time for this good thing.”  Sure, that may be the case, but discipleship assumes kingdom building activity.  Discipleship assumes giving up your life (which qualifies as all the time you will ever have… EVER) and being transformed by Jesus.  Dear pastors and people looking for people to help…  announce you have a kingdom building activity and you need help. What you are asking help for may not be cool enough for volunteers.

3. The serpent in Genesis isn’t Satan.  Go ahead.  Read it.  It’s actually just an astute serpent.  That sneaky snake.  The narrative offers us no more, and no less.  Somehow, somewhere we good hearted Christians added it to the biblical story.  We really shouldn’t.  Consider your mind blown.

4. Unity in the midst of diversity is worth it.  Sexuality is on the forefront of much conversation in Mennonite circles these days, both in Canada and the US.  It offers a stunning opportunity to practice love and respect.  Unfortunately some use it as an opportunity to dehumanize and complain.  We often neglect the relentless pursuit of peaceable alternatives… which is dumb because we are peace loving Menno’s.  The reasons for unity and community are much deeper and life-giving even if there is disagreement.  The world is watching.  We need to repent and embody a living alternative.

5. I love my son unconditionally.  I must.  I played baseball with my son in front of my townhouse.  I hate baseball.  He loves baseball and I still love him anyway. I think that means I am a father of the year candidate.  Ha.

What are you ranting about these days?


  1. Robert Martin · February 7, 2014

    2 through 5… that’s me… although, it’s not baseball so much as it is playing dolls… 🙂

    • Chris Lenshyn · February 7, 2014

      Oh my. Dolls. I couldn’t imagine. Lol!

      • Robert Martin · February 7, 2014

        The sacrifices fathers make for their daughters…

      • Chris Lenshyn · February 7, 2014

        Haha. I guess we will need to share the father of the year award…

  2. Elsie Hannah Ruth Rempel · February 7, 2014

    And my five-year-old granddaughter wants me to play “fighting sisters” with her. Does that nominate me for grandmother of the year?

  3. classicalchristianity · February 8, 2014

    Love it but my mind isn’t totally blown on the serpent part…Rev12:9,20:2 both seem to be alluding to that situation when calling Satan “that old serpent”, don’t they?

    • Chris Lenshyn · February 10, 2014

      The development of the personification of evil, Satan, didn’t happen until sometime around the New Testament. It makes the reading problematic. The implications of this blew my mind a bit. The presence of evil is certainly there, but from where it comes interests me in a big way.

  4. Darnell Barkman · May 17, 2014

    Love the serpent bit. I’m looking forward to whatever you write about your study on this. I would love to spend more time in scripture focused on understanding the personification of evil.

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