Richard Twiss on Indigenous Liturgy

Richard Twiss

As Mennonite Church Canada works toward reconciliation with the Indigenous people of Canada in light of the Residential School brutality, these words by Richard Twiss are all too important.  This video is 4:30 long and well worth your time! 

Click on the link below. (sorry, it appears that wordpress doesn’t like this embed code… annoying, but the consequence of free blog hosting I guess).

Here is another important video to take a look at in light of the above, it’s about 3 minutes long.

What a great man, and a gift to our generation.

What is unique about your culture, and how your community worships?  What could it look like for multiple cultures to participate in worship together?


  1. Robert Martin · May 2, 2013

    I. Love. This.

    I’ve gotten into “intense discussion” with Eastern Orthodox folks that claim that their way is the ONLY way to do liturgy… and I have to say, it sounds so oppressive to say you ONLY can worship this way…

    And, along with that, those folks that say “You HAVE to do house church, that’s the ONLY way to worship” is still an imposition of a cultural norm on folks who may not experience that…

    Thanks, Chris, for sharing Richard’s words…

    • Chris Lenshyn · May 2, 2013

      Yes indeed. It bring humility to any conversation about ‘ways to do churhc’ or ways to ‘be’ church… with heavy implications on culture etc…

      Good luck with those conversations. 😉

  2. Ryan · May 2, 2013

    Thanks for these links, Chris. A remarkable man with an important message.

    • Chris Lenshyn · May 2, 2013

      A pleasure Ryan. Only wished I could have joined the Menno crew out in Montreal!


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