Practicing Families


Passing on the faith from one generation to another needs to be a high priority for every church community.  Introducing children to the grand narrative of scripture and with that, an invitation to participate in this grand story of restoration and redemption is at the heart of this endeavour. The importance of spiritual practices in this journey of ‘passing the faith’ cannot be underestimated.

As a youth pastor, I emphasize that the most important place where ministry happens is within the home.  More importantly, I am always concerned with ways in which to equip families to tackle head on the question of ‘how do we teach our children about faith in Jesus?’  Which brings me to an exciting and terribly important blog project called Practicing Families

At it’s core, Practicing Families is an online ministry that equips, and facilitates the spirituality of families in a manner that is formative for both parents and children.  To be a practicing family takes patience, effort, an appetite for experimentation and a desire to have the presence of Jesus be formative for a particular time and place. 

When asked to participate as a contributor in this online space I jumped at the chance. 

Be sure to check out this online resource to be encouraged, inspired to try spiritual practices with your family, and to participate in a journey with many others who seek to facilitate and strengthen the ministry of the family. 

Be sure to check out the facebook page too.


  1. Elsie Hannah Ruth Rempel · February 18, 2013

    Thanks for this great link, Chris. I love it and hope my Facebook
    friends who have children at home will like it, too. The family liturgy page has many similarities to my own At HomeLent booklets, which can be downloaded at, but I love the extra features.

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