Old School Anabaptists: Dirk Philips on Incarnation


Here are some interesting words on incarnation by Old School Anabaptist forefather Dirk Philips.  Granted, as a Mennonite Pastor this could very well be me ‘geeking out’ over some old school Anabaptist theology.  Dirk Philips wrote this in 1557.

But because the Son of God is called the Word, it is by no means to be understood that every word that God utters is his Son.  Oh no!  For the Son is not a spoken word, but an existent Word, of whom all the words by God bear testimony.  The Son of God is called the Word for the following reason (according to the understanding of many learned men), and has this significance (so far as we comprehend the scriptures): that the Son is the express image of the nature of the Father, proceeding out of the mouth of the Most High.  We maintain that he proceeded as material Word, and as a natural Son of God, one in essence, kind, and nature with the Father.  Indeed, into the same the Father poured his essence and reflected it in him in a visible way.  That is why the apostle says that God who in time past spoke by the prophets, afterward spoke to us by his Son, the incarnated Word.  Thus, the Son is not spoke, but a speaking Word.  By this Word, that is, by the Son’s word of power, all things are upheld and have their being.  Therefore John declares that the Son is the Word of life, from whom the apostles saw and heard all the things which they have proclaimed to us.

Anabaptistism in Outline” Edited by Walter Klaassen, page 36-37.

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