Jamie Arpin Ricci on Mission and Location


Generally I don’t like to post more than once a day, mainly in an effort to limit the number of email’s that get sent out to subscribers.  But this is a special case.

Friend Jamie Arpin Ricci just released an important e-book recently called “Living Christ Together: Reflections On The Missional Life.”  As I read through this short e-book I have been struck by the depth and simplicity of the content as he engages with poignancy the question ‘what is missional?’  It is content refreshingly grounded in experience.  Below is an excerpt on mission and location.

The very nature of what it means to be missional is to be mindful and watchful of what God is doing and where He is calling us to participate with Him in His mission.   If missionality was an abstract concept to be applied to a general, static faith, then location would not be as critical.   However, we live within the singular story of history where God is at work, necessarily participating in ways in keeping with His character and mission.   Thus, if a particular location is lacking the meaningful presence of a Christian community, His Spirit will be calling for His people to respond accordingly.

Arpin-Ricci, Jamie (2012-11-01). Living Christ Together: Reflections On The Missional Life (Kindle Locations 207-211).  . Kindle Edition.

It only costs 3 bucks.

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