1. Jamie Arpin-Ricci · October 4, 2012

    I love Block & the ABCD movement and believe we need to learn a great deal from it. The only push back I have of it is that it doesn’t adequately address the need for naming, confessing and finding liberty from our brokenness. The paradox is that the path to living into our fullest strengths and giftings is the cross, which is the path of humility and repentance. It is both/and.

    • Jordan · October 6, 2012

      I’ve recently come back to this as well. For a long time I felt an anger at the damage done by the doctrine of original sin when coupled with worm theology. Recently, however, I was talking to a group of students in the Downtown East Side, my home now. I told them, ‘we are all broken – the addict is no more broken than you or I, no more addicted – simply because you cannot see the hurt does not mean the hurt is not there. There is hope, however, and that hope is Jesus.’

      I realized, almost as the words were leaving my mouth, that I was preaching the doctrines I pushed against for so long. I may be using different words, ‘brokenness’ instead of ‘sinfulness’, for example, but it’s the same thing…. and, surprising even myself, I truly believe it. We are all broken, and while we as Christians do have a role to play in equipping and empowering community, if we forget Christ and His power to literally change lives (both ours and those we see as the addicted or the sinner or whatever), we will ultimately be ineffective. We need Christ in our hearts and in our hands, and we need to be continually striving towards hope. We need to reinvest the old ideas with a new framework that can be understood by the new generation.

  2. Dan Jr. · October 4, 2012

    I completely agree. I think true sustainable community needs to be saturated in the mercy we’ve received from God in Jesus and therefore we can be generous in mercy to others.

    Still, there are profound nuggets throughout Block’s book that have solid insight into human nature. Christians could use a strong dose of understanding the basics of human dynamics when it comes to shared life. Many of these dynamics our inherently “spiritual” because they are wired into us by the Creator.


  3. Chris Lenshyn · October 4, 2012

    Dan and Jamie. Yes!!! A life-giving paradox indeed saturated with divine grace, mercy, sacrifice… with a reminder that we need one another.

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