Faithfulness and Fidelity


Fidelity will not always be sex and fun.  Sometimes it might be simple faithfulness in daily ordinary routines, mutual allegiance against outside threats, or mutual perseverance through difficult situations.  One example of a man I knew whose wife was paralyzed from the neck down.  Too many men in midlife have abandoned their wives for younger women who can “give them the sex they need.”  But this man cared for his wife day in and day out, and I’m sure experienced increasing depth in their relationship in spite of her disability.  That is sexual fidelity.

Gareth Brandt, Under Construction: Re-framing Men’s Spirituality, page 117.

God’s faithfulness and fidelity does not come to us whimsically.  It has a price.  A steep price.  A price that only faithfulness in it’s truest sense will ever give us a glimpse of it’s beautiful persistence and commitment.  It is a faithfulness and commitment grounded in covenant relationship.

May our covenant relationships be given the true blessing of fidelity, a fidelity with a price, a fidelity that seeks to mimic the commitment God has to us in the saving life of Christ.  This is the blessing of the marriage covenant in which sexuality is grounded.  Yet, as in the marriage covenant fidelity is much more than faithful sexuality.

May we heed the example of the man who cared for his paralyzed wife ‘day in and day out’ and recognize that fidelity carries with it the price of unconditional love.

Where do you see the price of fidelity?  What does unconditional love look like in your particular place and time?   

Please stay tuned as I will be interviewing Gareth Brandt, author of “Under Construction: Reframing Men’s Spirituality” in the very near future.  But for more reading on this check out his website on the topic. His voice is very welcome and important to the conversation on male spirituality.

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