Living the Possibility


The challenge with possibility is it gets confused with goals, prediction, and optimism.  Possibility is not about what we plan to happen, or what we think will happen, or whether things will get better.  Goals, prediction, and optimism don’t care about anything; they might just make things a little better in the process.  Nor is possibility simply a dream.  Dreaming leaves us bystanders or observers of our lives.  Possibility creates something new.  It is a declaration of a future that has the quality of being and aliveness that we chose to live into.  It is framed as declaration of the world that I want to inhabit.  It is a statement of who I am that transcends our history, our story, our usual demographics.  The power is in the act of declaring.

The distinction between possibility and problem solving is worth dwelling on for a moment.  As I have said, surely too many times, we traditionally start with problem solving and talk about goals, targets, resources, and how to persuade others.  Even the creation of a vision is something we must wait for to realize and is most often followed by an effort to make it concrete and practical.  Even a vision, which is a more imaginative form of problem solving, needs to be postponed and replaced with possibility.  The future is created through a declaration of what is the possibility we stand for.  Out of this declaration each time we enter a room, the possibility stands with us.

Peter Block, “Community: The Structure of Belonging,” page 124 -125

Vacation time. We are in Winnipeg for 2 weeks.  I am hopeful that this time will be a restful.  Therefore I will be staying away from social media and the blog.  I will however schedule posts on the regular Tuesday and Thursday’s which will be excerpts from books that have been significantly formative for me during this past year.  I hope they will be a blessing to you also. 

Thanks for reading.  I’ll see you in a few weeks.

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