The Spiritual Discipline of Writing

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I’ve only just started to write regularly, but I resonate with this in a BIG WAY!

“Part of my spiritual discipline of writing is the act of writing itself, the self-discovery, the tracing of God in my own life and questions and doubts and struggles. But the other part of my writing life is that I feel connected by this work. I feel like it is one of the few things I have to give to the world. Blogging has changed my life, my spirituality, my opinions, my relationships, my heart, my mind, and I make no apologies for that (even if “blogging” is an excessively ugly word.) God has used this medium to profoundly change me, yes, but somehow, weirdly, he’s also managed to include a few other people in that, and now I feel like I’m part of a bigger story.”

Sarah Bessey from her post at Introverted Church blog called “In which Sara Writes a Guest Post”

I found myself thankful for these words when I stumbled across them this week.  A big thanks to Ryan Dueck over at “Rumblings” for sharing them.


  1. Leonard Hjalmarson · June 22, 2012

    I am the sort of a man who writes because he has made progress, and who makes progress by writing. Augustine (Epistle 143:2-3.)

    “The borders between reading and writing and living are fluid.
    I do not take time out from life to write,
    nor do I take time out from life to read.
    When I quote somebody, I’m not hiding.
    I’m introducing you to one of my conversation partners.”
    Patrick Henry

  2. chris lenshyn · June 22, 2012

    Awesome Len! Great quotes!

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