The Friday Connect

This week someone found my blog by googling “are Anabaptists into drug production.”  Awesome!

It was quite a reflective week for me.  One in which I began to think about what it means to own up to the decisions that I make in life.  A scary thing to think about, as I’ve made mistakes over my 31 years on this planet and fully anticipate making more in the future.  Yet, I felt thankful for the inspiration I get to see everyday!  I look upon the face of my wife and kid and want nothing more than to make them proud.  

I stumbled upon this song by Noah Gundersen called “Ledges.”  It fit very nicely.  Take a listen. 


Here are some of the good things I’ve come across in and around the internetz this week.

– Youth ministry is way more than the kids that show up in your building every week.  Youth ministry is way more than those kids bringing friends every week.  Adam Mclane brings wonderful wisdom to what our youth ministries should strive to be.  This is one of the better posts on youth ministry I have read in a long time.  “Why Youth Ministry in America is not Working.”

– Marty Troyer, a Mennonite pastor out in Houston gives a helpful walk  through of the Lord’s prayer.  A very good meditation.  “Why our Prayers in Worship are broader than individual concerns.” (Hat Tip to Robert Martin for sharing this earlier in the week.)

– A very interesting read in the New York Times on Christian leaders being power house social networkers.  “Twitter Dynamos, Offering Word of God’s Love.”  Very interesting to read that Christian leaders were engaged on Twitter, a social networking site, more than NBA players and politicians. 

I hope and trust that your weekend will treat you well.



  1. Leonard Hjalmarson · June 8, 2012
    • chris lenshyn · June 8, 2012

      Wow. A very great article that speaks very convincingly to being ‘intergenerational.’ A buzz word in many of the Christian circles that I have been riding in…

      Thanks for this. I may need to take a gander at the book.


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