The Friday Connect

It has been an interesting week.  Particularly down south where in North Carolina “Amendment One” passed, with strong support from many in the Christian community, making gay marriages illegal (well re-enforcing it actually).  It has brought up many questions of what it looks like for the Christian community to engage our world.  No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of this discussion, it becomes a missional question.  Is the Christian community to be known for what it stands against, or what it stands for?  A very important question indeed.  One that seemingly defined much of the blogging content this week.

– Friend Len Hjalmarson asks some important questions about the significance of place and space and what it takes to reconnect our faith with our world which God redeems.  Very useful and practical wonderings with implications on missionality!  Thin Places

– Rachel Held Evans wrote a brilliant post bringing together the implications of “Amendment One,” the LGBT community, and the long and drawn out culture war that has seemingly defined Christianity.  Really it’s this post that got things going online.  This is a very important read.  How to win a culture war and lose a generation.

– Mothers day is most certainly a day to be celebrated.  Yet, it is a day of tremendous pain for many who have longed to love a child of their own.  A church community would be wise to acknowledge this hurt.  Here is a wonderful post on what this could look like for your church.  An Open Letter to Pastors (a non-mom speaks about Mother’s day)  (HT to Kathy Heppner for sharing this post)

– This story was all over my facebook stream this week.  A story about forgiveness.  Read this and be humbled and inspired to forgive.  This brings us the gift of perspective.  Maryland Episcopal Church Leaders Forgive, Offer Funeral Services For Homeless Shooter of Priest and Assistant.

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