The Friday Connect

“The Friday Connect” is a place in which I hope to share good quality content that I come across during my week.  It drops every Friday!  Here are a few highlights I would like to share.

– This could potentially be the best church website the world has ever seen… EVER!  Turn out the lights, crank your computer speakers and watch it.  Like I said, best website ever!  Ladies and Gentlemen… The Evangelical Cathedral!

– Scot McKnight engages material from Tim and Kathy Keller’s new book about marriage.  This is very helpful in understanding what “Marriage as covenant” really means.

– Yesterday I posted about why I may not go to seminary.  Here is an article by Ched Myers that brilliantly articulates some concerns yet brings the conversation to a whole new level.  Download the pdf. (HT to Jamie Arpin Ricci for the link).  Between the seminary, the sanctuary and the streets: Reflections on alternative theological education.

Micheal Frost is one of my favorite authors.  He has written some material that has been significantly formative for me.  The most significant being “The shaping of things to come.”  I managed to stumble across a great quote by him on why he writes in a facebook comment thread.  I think this post is as good as any to share it.

 “I write because I have to, because I couldn’t be fully all that I am without writing, because writing is like a kind of sacrament through which I experience the grace and favor of God. I reckon it’s a bonus if anyone publishes it.”

Peace and all good.


  1. Jordan · May 4, 2012

    My God… my eyes… my eyes….

  2. Darnell · May 5, 2012

    i needed to look away. I think there ware subliminal messages in that intro.

    • chris lenshyn · May 5, 2012

      I know… LOL! I kind of want WWE style entrance music every time I preach now.

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