Thirty Seven: “Change is good, you go first”

I had a Dilbert T-Shirt back in high school that said “change is good, you go first.”  I liked that shirt, it was funny, it was also true.

Change is difficult.  Change means that something is being left behind.  When we sin, something needs to change even if part of our soul is screaming at us not to make anything different.

Saying sorry is simply not enough.  I went to a workshop where they showed a video about the justice system.  In the video a lady that seemed to know what she was talking about said that most of the time when criminals (she was talking about pedophiles) got caught they were sorry.  But not for what they did.  They were sorry for being caught.  Sure, repentance asks us to pay attention and be sorry for the thing that we should be sorry about.  But repentance also means change.

But there is a problem.  Change takes self-discipline.  Unfortunately self-discipline is an exhaustible resource.  Meaning, it takes energy that doesn’t last forever.  If you are tired, it will be difficult for you to change because there will not be enough energy for it.

Sabbath is a time in which we rest in the presence of God.  When we confess a sin it forces us to stop, pay attention to our brokenness and rest in the presence of God.  In the presence of God we always know what the answer will be.  You are forgiven, you can start over, you can change. 

Our world is a busy place.  So if you are exhausted, the whole self-discipline/discipleship/change thing is going to be nearly impossible because the energy needed to do that can get all used up by other activities of this world. 

Confession gives us rest which empowers us to be a people no longer held by that which does not give us life.  Repent!  Renew your mind, soul and body.

Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath.” – Mark 2:27

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