Thirty Four: “The Upside-Down Kingdom”



I was recently given an old school copy of  “The Upside-Down Kingdom” written by Donald B. Kraybill.  When I read the section below, I thought to myself “YESSSS!” then clenched my fist and proceeded to fist pump vigoursly.  It’s a bit sad that my son was in bed at this time as he is alwasy good for a high-five, sometimes even a high-ten.

Donald B. Kraybill on the Kindom of God:

“In a real sense the term defied definition since it is pregnant with many meanings.  This in fact is the secret of it’s genius.  It stimulates our imagination again and again.  Biblical scholars generally agree that the term ‘kingdom of God’ indicates the dynamic rule or reign of God.  The kingdom of God occurs when persons are ruled by God.  The German scholar Jeremias points out that the reign of God always stands for the government, authority, and power of the King.  It does not refer to a territory in a spatial sense.  Nor does it have an abstract or static meaning.  The kingdom does not stand still on a particular piece of ground – it is always in the process of being achieved.  The kingdom points us not to the place of God but to the act of  God.  It is His ruling activity.  The kingdom is present whenever women and men submit themselves to God’s reign in their life.”


 “The Upside-Down Kingdom” – by Donald. B. Kraybill, page 25.


  1. Brandi Brusven-Roberts · March 31, 2012

    Love, love, love this quote. I had never thought of the Kingdom of God as being dynamic – not for the lack of it being such, but for the pure fact that I’d never truly considered the definition of the Kingdom of God. Thank you for sharing.

  2. goodfridayblues · March 31, 2012

    awesome. so appropriate for this weekend – when we “celebrate” April Fool’s day and do a little upside-down thinking! 🙂

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