Thirty One: Praying with the Anabaptists

This book has been a tremendous blessing for me to work and read through.  Below is just one example of this blessing. 

It has been said that in George Blaurock’s four short years of ministry he had a helping hand in baptizing 1000 people in northern Switzerland and the Tyrol.  In 1529, he along with some of his companions were apprehended, imprisioned, condemned for their faith and burned alive.   This is a prayer he wrote in an effort to strengthen the faith of other believers.  Be blessed by the richness of this prayer.

Lord God,

I will praise you now and until my end

because you have given me faith

by which I have learned to know you.

When I felt the heavy load of sin in me,

you came to me with the Word of your divine grace.

For this I will now magnify and praise your glorious

name forever.

Strengthen my faith, O Lord.

Do not forget me

but be with me always.

Protect and teach me with your Holy Spirit

that in all my sufferings I may receive your consolation.


Dear Lord,

help me to bear the cross to the destined place,

and turn yourself to me with all grace.

that I may commend my spirit into your hands.

I sencerely pray for all my enemies, O Lord.

however many there may be.

Do no lay their sins to their charge.

Lord, I entreat this according to your will.

May God finish His holy work,

and give strength to the end.


Taken from the book “Praying with the Anabaptists: the Secret of Bearing Fruit” page 141, 142.


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