Twenty Eight: Introducing George MacDonald

Before Clive Staples Lewis was George MacDonald.  Born in Scotland, MacDonald (1824-1905) was a Christian writer of novels, poetry, and fairy tales.  Lewis said of MacDonald “I know hardly any other writer who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the Spirit of Christ himself.”  Admittedly, MacDonald was a significant influence on the life and writings of C. S. Lewis.  In 1946 C. S. Lewis put together an anthology of MacDonald’s writings entitled ” George MacDonald: An Anthology of 365 Writings”.  It’s a book that I have had the privilege to dabble in for the past 6 months.  Below I offer a few passages that I have underlined during my time with the book.  I offer them for no particular reason other than to note that these writings below have had some measurable impact on me.  Peace and all good.

(57) Bondage

A man is in bondage to whatever he cannot part with that is less than himself.

(101) Intercessory Prayer

And why should the good of anyone depend on the prayer of another?  I can only answer with the return question, “why should my love be powerless to help another?”

(235)  The Art of Being Created

Let patience have her perfect work.  Statue under the chisel of the sculptor, stand steady to the blows of his mallet.  Clay on the wheel, let the fingers of the divine potter model you at their will.  Obey the Fathers’ lightest word: hear the brother who knows you and died for you.

(237) Prayer

Never wait for fitter time or place to talk to Him.  To wait till thou go to church or to thy closet is to make Him wait.  He will listen as thou walkest.

(259) Love

It is by loving and not by being loved that one can come nearest to the soul of another.

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