Twenty Three: Praying with the Anabaptists & Matt Puckett

I find my thoughts still lingering with Matt Puckett who is on death row in Mississippi waiting to be executed on Tuesday.  This reality is hard to fathom.  I cannot imagine what Matt and his family must be going through as the hours, minutes and seconds pass clinging to a hope that must feel so distant. Please sign the petition, you will find it here.  You can also share your concerns directly to Govenor Phil Bryant here.

Anna of Freiburg was a zealous new convert to Christ.  But, as was common place in the 1500’s for Anabaptists, she endured imprisonment, tremendous persecution and brutal death at the hands of the state.  While there may not be too many parallels with Anna of Freiburg and Matt Puckett there is one deep reality that they share in common.  The prospect of death by way of execution.  Matt Puckett and Anna of Freiburg both carry the burden of lingering in the moments before execution, staring death in the face, helpless against it.  Below is a prayer by Anna of Freiburg before she was drown and burned in 1529.  If anything, it gives us a glimpse into the rawness of humanity in it’s final hours.  May we continue to pray for Matt Puckett and his family.

Dear Eternal, Heavenly Father

 I call upon you from the depths of my heart;

  do not let me turn from you,

  but keep me in your truth unto my end.

Instruct and teach me,

  Your poor, unworthy child,

  That I may press even unto death,

  Through all sorrows, anguish, suffering and pain.

Let me preserve O God

  That I may not be separated from your love.


Comfort me in your holy word,

  In which I firmly trust.

I comment myself to you and your church


Be my Protector today,

  For your holy name’s sake,

  Through Jesus Christ.  Amen

This prayer was taken from the beautiful book “Praying with the Anabaptists: The Secret of Bearing Fruit.”  Page 161


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