Fourteen: What Makes a Viral Video?

As I got my stuff ready for a road trip to Winnipeg I was reminded of this TED talk I watched a few weeks ago.

Kevin Allocca is the trends manager at YouTube and gave this compelling talk about what makes a viral video.  In light of Kony 2012 and the debate it has sparked, I figured this would be of interest.  It’s 7 minutes, which is a bit longer than I normally post yet well worth your time.   If you are interested in what makes a video go viral take a look. 

In the name of viral videos, my two favorite viral videos are embedded below.

Which are your favorite viral videos?


  1. rossfinn · March 8, 2012

    Reblogged this on infoinno.

  2. angelika · March 8, 2012

    i don’t know if i have a favourite viral video but those two are pretty good. i watched cats playing piano yesterday, that was cool… so, tastemakers, communities of participation and unexpectedness. which of these applied to that kony 2012 video? i guess tastemakers and communities, eh? so what i take away from that, is that if that’s the criteria, then it behooves me (yes, i used the word “behooves”) to be even more vigilant with videos like the kony 2012 video, to be sure that i am informed and can genuinely agree with something before i share it. it’s alot different than sharing a rainbow video or cats playing piano… the kony folks want us to support their charity, even though it’s only a small percentage of those funds that go to the people who need it and they support military intervention which i do not support.

    • chris lenshyn · March 8, 2012

      I must admit I became infatuated by the Kony 2012 video right off the hope. I support the premise of getting this monsters name out there but was not completely aware of their partnership with the Uganda military (based on other things I have read). Like you say cats playing the piano being shared is much different than a Kony 2012 vid. That said, people are talking about how to stop Kony at least… maybe invisible children should stick with being a non-profit that focuses on awareness.

  3. JamesK · June 19, 2012

    Great post I never thought about what makes a video go viral, I figured that it was just randomness or even luck.

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