Three: Walter Brueggemann on Word and Sacrament

 “To have missional energy, and all of that, preaching is the pivot point for all of it.”

-Walter Brueggemann

The everything pastor is the kind of pastor that, you know, does everything.  Maybe you have one in your church, maybe you overwork them, maybe you don’t.  The point is pastors do all sorts of things.  Many tasks are included within the complexity of job descriptions, many are not.  Walter Brueggemann is asking us the question; can our pastors point us to a divine, alternative reality if they are exhausted?

As a pastor myself, this is a fundamental question.  Has the art and importance of preaching and teaching been lost?

(A tip of the hat to Marco Funk, talented pastor at Gretna Bergthaler Mennonite Church, for pointing me to this vid a few months ago)

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