transitions and blogging breaks

Hi all.

My family is in the midst of a major transition to British Columbia where I will be taking on the role of Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Abbotsford.  This has taken more out of us than we ever expected.  While we are excited about the new challenges and opportunities that will come our way out west, we have been deeply entrenched in a period of mourning for what we are leaving here in the beautiful province of Manitoba.  These are significant people who have shaped us as individuals, as a married couple, as new parents and more importantly, as ‘work in progress’ disciples.  I hope to offer a few reflections on this in future blog posts.

However, at this moment my energy for blogging has been reduced significantly.  So for the next few weeks or so I will focus on getting settled in our new digs and likely won’t have time or energy to write.  I have enjoyed writing this blog as this space has been a wonderful place for me to process the collision between my thoughts, theology, anabaptism, culture, spirituality and a mishmash of other things fully worthy contemplation and reflection.

As Kierkegaard writes “life is lived forward, and understood backwards.”

As mentioned earlier, I expect to be back to writing in the next few weeks.  I am humbled and sincerely thank all of you who have wandered over here to read the things that I have been processing and taken the time to engage in conversation.  This is after all a journey we all walk together.  What better way to reflect on life than to reflect on life and all that it brings together.

Peace and Grace.


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